The Lydian Brand

    A replica of the original gold coin, the Lydian logo embodies the entrepreneurial spirit that guides the company's culture. The origin of the coin is traced back to Sardis, the capital of Lydia, now part of modern day Turkey (circa 561 B.C.). The Lydians were the leaders of their time who built a wealthy society and revolutionized trade.

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Lydian is a trusted financial partner to a growing number of clients throughout the country. We have earned the reputation as a well-respected, boutique-style financial institution that consistently exceeds the expectations of our customers.

During its history Lydian Holding Company has experienced remarkable growth. Our businesses have achieved notable milestones and our financial professionals are regarded as thought leaders in their respected industries.

Lydian’s ability to offer sophisticated and customized financial solutions is the hallmark of the company’s success. Retaining and recruiting the highest quality professionals remains paramount as our people distinguish us from our competitors.